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Fullmakten signeras med BankID

Streamlined Process

  1. Input the client's social security number to automatically retrieve national registration data. Proceed by entering the client's email address.
  2. The power of attorney is promptly emailed to the client for approval through BankID.
  3. A digital request is dispatched to selected debt collection companies and creditors, facilitating easy verification of the power of attorney when logged in. For data providers integrated via API, this process occurs seamlessly and essentially in real-time.
  4. The client and the designated budget and debt advisor can monitor response inflow through a readily accessible report within the service.
  5. With the completion of the debt summary, counseling commences, and a tailored plan is devised to assist the client in organizing their finances. When needed, information from Skuldra can be seamlessly imported into the Swedish Consumer Agency's BOSS+.






  • The Skuldra service is designed to be as secure as possible, as it handles sensitive personal data.
  • All storage of sensitive data is encrypted, and each municipality has its own area where client information is stored.
  • Access control is strictly regulated within the service, with only authorized administrators and the client themselves able to view the information.
  • The entire service is GDPR-compliant and delivered from a Swedish server facility with the highest physical and IT security classification.

Power of attorney provides high security


  • Skuldra acts as a data processor for its clients (the municipalities).

  • It is not possible to register a client without a signed power of attorney.

  • The power of attorney requires a secure identity check and is always time-limited in the system.

  • The validity of the power of attorney governs both information retrieval and data storage.

Access control and authorization management



  • For each customer, there's a dedicated system instance, ensuring data isolation.
  • Permissions are role-based and tied to specific cases, restricting access to only relevant data.
  • Colleagues cannot view each other's data.
  • Administrators can transfer case ownership for reasons like illness or parental leave.


Data collection




Utilizing the client's electronically signed authorization, Skuldra aids the advisor in the automated retrieval of information. Currently, there are three alternative methods for information retrieval:

  1. Automated retrieval from collection agencies and other creditors via API.
  2. Web-based information gathering, where the creditor provides responses through a secure form directly in the service.
  3. Manual entry into the service, primarily intended for supplementing information received by the administrator or client through mail or other means.