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Skuldras tjänst i bilder

Animerad bild som beskriver skuldras tjänst

Why Skuldra?

Skuldra's digital response management service streamlines work processes, enhances information security, and seamlessly integrates debt investigation steps into a unified workflow.

Upon booking the first meeting, the budget and debt advisor registers the over-indebted individual in Skuldra. The service then sends an electronic power of attorney to the client for digital approval via BankID. Once the power of attorney is signed, the service automatically collects information from creditors. This enables partners to commence the initial advisory meeting with an accurate, up-to-date financial snapshot, allowing for adjustments to the debt picture as needed before importing it into BOSS+ for further work and potential debt settlement.


Skuldra compiles an overview of an individual's total indebtness quicker than the current manual work process does.


Skuldra provides an easy-to-understand overview of the current situation.


Skuldra is a cloud service based in Sweden that has high built in security. The service was designed in collaboration with GDPR lawyers and data security providers.

For budget and debt advisors

Focus on the client

  • More time for advice and proactive work
  • Eliminates manual work and cut/paste
  • Easier to prepare for meetings with the client

For the municipality

Best service for residents of your municipality

  • Eases the burden on a profession with high work demands
  • Ensures secure handling of personal data
  • Cuts postage and handling expenses
  • Diminishes wait times while enhancing operational quality

For creditors

Save money and make a significant contribution to society

  • Enhances security in managing sensitive personal data
  • Accelerates response to financial distress, leading to quicker assistance for debtors
  • Represents a significant initiative to aid a vulnerable social group