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Frequently asked questions

What data sources does Skuldra have?

Skuldra currently handles information from all debt collection agencies under the supervision of the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten), excluding self-collection cases.
Queries can also be sent to Trafikförsäkringsföreningen, CSN, Försäkringskassan, and Skattemyndigheten.

How does Skuldra retrieve information?

Skuldra utilizes three methods for information retrieval:
1. Automated retrieval from debt collection agencies and other creditors via API.
2. Web-based information gathering, where creditors respond securely through a form in the service.
3. Manual entry, primarily for supplementing information received via mail or other means.

Why use Skuldra's service when the Skri register is forthcoming?

The proposed Skri register, as outlined in the SOU2023:38 investigation, only covers financial credits and collection cases from financial credits. Our estimates suggest that only 10-20% of all debt collection debts will be included in the proposed register. Skuldra's service provides a comprehensive overview of all debts for a private debtor, complementing the upcoming Skri register.

How are personal data protected? Is Skuldra's service GDPR-approved?

The service is designed for maximum security, delivered from a Swedish, security-reviewed, and GDPR-approved server facility. Sensitive personal data is encrypted in the service's databases. The system has undergone advanced penetration testing, receiving the highest ratings for IT security. Legally, Skuldra is the Data Protection Officer for the municipality using the service, making the municipality the data controller according to GDPR.

How can I test the service?

Skuldra is designed to support municipal budget and debt advisors. If you work as a BUS advisor, feel free to contact us for a demo.

Do you have a service for individuals?

Skuldra does not offer individuals the ability to make debt inquiries through our service. We encourage those already in debt to seek assistance from municipal budget and debt advisory services.

What support do you offer?

Skuldra provides support on weekdays from 08:30-17:00, with lunch break from 12:00-13:00. When you submit support issues to our case management system, you typically receive a response within 2 hours during our business hours.

Why should debt collection agencies provide information to Skuldra?

Debt collection agencies already share information with municipal budget and debt advisors when they submit debt inquiries. With Skuldra, debt collection agencies eliminate postage and printing costs. Skuldra also simplifies the verification of a valid power of attorney for debt collection agencies. Responding can be easily done directly in the system, saving time. Larger debt collection agencies handling numerous inquiries also have the option to connect fully automatically via an API, offering substantial administrative savings. Skuldra's service is designed for maximum security, protecting sensitive personal data. Skuldra is a data processor, and municipalities are the data controllers.

Who owns the information collected in Skuldra?

The information collected belongs to the individual. It is the person seeking help from the municipal budget and debt advisor who owns the information. The municipality using Skuldra is the data controller. Skuldra is the data processor.

Skuldra has no right to use the information for its own purposes, only within the scope of its role as a data processor.

What does Skuldra do with the collected information?

Information is typically never handled by any Skuldra staff. All information management is either fully automatic or manually carried out by municipal employees or employees of information providers. Skuldra acts as a data processor for the municipality, which is the data controller.

How do I install Skuldra's system?

No installation is needed. Skuldra is a cloud service that you use via your web browser on your computer. The service is compatible with all common web browsers.