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About us

Skuldra was founded with the ambition to use modern technology to assist individuals in financial distress in gaining an overview of their personal finances, aiming to rehabilitate their economic situation and eventually become debt-free. Overindebtedness is a growing societal problem that results in significant costs for society.

However, more concerning than the societal cost is the immense suffering that overindebtedness imposes on those in debt and their loved ones. For those facing financial challenges, help is available through the municipality's budget and debt advisors. This is where Skuldra makes a difference. We have digitized previously analog processes and offer services that streamline the crucial work performed by budget and debt advisors in Sweden's municipalities. Skuldra frees up time, allowing advisors to dedicate more time to helping those who need it the most!

Helping those who support the indebted

Today, there is a dedicated group of knowledgeable budget and debt advisors in municipal service ready to help. However, they often face a heavy workload burdened further by manual, time-consuming processes for gathering debt information. This is where Skuldra comes in.

A service for municipal debt advisors

Skuldra provides a web-based IT service that streamlines information gathering for budget and debt advisors in municipal service. This frees up time to focus on advising and creating concrete plans for achieving financial stability. The service facilitates municipal advisory work, saves resources, and allows for more time dedicated to proactive debt counseling. For creditors, the service offers opportunities for efficiency gains and reduced credit losses. 



Leadership team, borad of directors and partners

Team Skuldra

Managing Director

Sebastian Schattauer

MBA with dual specialization in Economics and Finance. With extensive experience in banking, IT, and management consulting. Other Board Assignments: Svenska Konsertbyrån AB, previously also a member of A-gruppen i Sverige AB.

Chairman of the Board

Magnus Khysing

Senior Advisor Fidelio Capital, Previously: CEO iBinder AB, CEO SokoPro Oy, MD for SAP Concur Norden, CEO at SAS institute AB. Other board assignments:  Krylbo Verkstäder, previously: Sunda Hus, Mestro, LightAir

Board Member and Chief Financial Officer

Stefan Åberg

With over 25 years of experience in Private Banking, financing, and real estate, currently serving as Acting CFO at Skuldra. Other board appointments include Halvtyget Investment, In Tech Invest Fund I, and the Serafimerlasarettet Foundation.

Board Member and Senior Advisor

Magnus Hedberg

TV personality with extensive knowledge and deep commitment to the field of overindebtedness. CEO of Mindlifter Sverige AB, esteemed speaker, and educator in personal finance and debt advisory/restructuring.

Founder and Partner

Fredrik Eriksson

Partner and entrepreneur who founded Skuldra. Extensive knowledge and experience in budget and debt advisory.


If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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